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    Return of the Mullet Haircut

    The appearance of the mullet haircut refers to the time of the Ancient Egyptians and is often remembered in the context of rock musicians of the last century. We understand what is an unusual hairstyle, determine whether it is in fashion today and reveal the secrets of choosing the perfect mallet. What is a mullet haircut While it’s impossible to determine how real this version of the origin of the name “mallet” is, it’s possible to trace the hairstyle’s path in the fashion world with more certainty. The peak of the popularity of hairstyles came in the 70-80s of the last century.

  • Fast haircuts

    Short Hairstyles for Thick Straight Hair in Under 5 Minutes

    Having a short haircut doesn’t mean you don’t have to style it at all, especially if your hair is pretty thick. Even pixie haircuts require special treatments and 2 minutes to style them at least. What can you currently do at home without professional help to make your short haircut look fabulous? Actually, a lot. You need a brush, a hairspray, a curling iron, a few bobby pins, an elastic band, and 5 minutes in the morning. Are you ready? Lazy Day Hairstyles for Thick Hair Most girls dream about having thick hair. If you have thick hair, it looks full and nice. But not everyone understands how hard it…