Thin haircuts

Is There A Short Haircut For Thin Hair To Make It Look Thicker?

Everyone wants to be better, but especially girls. Women are always in a search for a new twist, for a new change in their life and appearance. But sometimes it is not so easy to find a suitable haircut for your image, especially short ones, because of some hidden problems.

The first and the biggest issue is hair structure. Unfortunately, the great amount of girls is suffering of a fine hair problem. When hair has not so thick structure sometimes it takes huge energy resources to create something to look good on the head. It looks not so voluminous as on the fashion magazine pictures and makes every girl sad. The question is “What should we do to try to fix it?” And in this article women and girls will find the solution. There is here a list of useful hacks and tips to deal with ones hair structure. Just follow the pieces of advice to find an ideal short haircut for thin hair to look thicker!

What to start with?

At first, people should completely understand that there is no chance to fully change the hair structure! If someone has fine hair structure, it is impossible to make it so thick, as Asian or Arabian hair is. But it is really possible to add more thickness, if someone used to have it, but there are some health problems now or hair is just suffering from stylers, bad water or not suitable hair care routine. To solve this problem, there is a need to use a proper hair treatment, hair heat protection, and eat healthy.

In other cases, there is a great chance to make fine hair look thicker just visually. The right structured cut adds more volume and makes thin hair look better. Hairdressers usually advise to prefer short haircut for thin hair to look thicker.

List of hairstyles

  • Short Layered Bob. This haircut suits everybody. It could be shorter or longer, with A-line, but messy layered cut will make an illusion of volume and hair thickness.
  • Short Straight Bob with Flat Cut. The previous was layered, so why the second one is the same Bob, but straight and flat? Flat cut makes magic and gives every hair a bit of thickness. The reason is split ends. They are very thin, even thinner than the whole head at all, and when all the split ends are already trimmed thicker parts of strands are visible again.. A simple hack for hair to look better, when there is no desire to change haircut at all.
  • Graded Cut. Graded cut works the same as cutting out the split ends, but here should be longer and shorter layers all over the head. It is a great tip to get some volume. Wear it longer touching shoulders, or shorter to the jaw line, or asymmetrical.
  • Messy Pixie. Short pixies will never get out of fashion. Wearing such a short haircut could be risky with thin hair. But it is easier to add volume to really short hair parts, especially at the top of the head.

As a conclusion here is a small summing up of everything above. Remember that the key to successfully wearing short cut with thin hair is an extra volume. There is no opportunity to change hair structure, but there is a chance to help hair to look and feel better. Using a proper care routine, cutting split ends will bring joy!