Mullet Haircut
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Return of the Mullet Haircut

The appearance of the mullet haircut refers to the time of the Ancient Egyptians and is often remembered in the context of rock musicians of the last century. We understand what is an unusual hairstyle, determine whether it is in fashion today and reveal the secrets of choosing the perfect mallet.

What is a mullet haircut

While it’s impossible to determine how real this version of the origin of the name “mallet” is, it’s possible to trace the hairstyle’s path in the fashion world with more certainty. The peak of the popularity of hairstyles came in the 70-80s of the last century.

The hairstyle has been in vogue for at least a decade, but has constantly endured changes. It all started with a short mullet – the strands in the back were only a few centimeters longer than the shortened sides, but closer to the 80s the hair lengthened and the contrast of the lengths became more pronounced. The first to wear the mullet were men, but soon women joined them as well.

Features of the mallet haircut:

  • Short temples and front;
  • Long strands in the back – the brighter the contrast with the short sides, the better;
  • Variable bangs – usually ripped, shaped or asymmetrical.
Mullet Haircut

Is a woman’s mullet in fashion?

In the late 90s, the haircut was condemned by American rapper Mike Dee, a member of the band Beastie Boys, and the popularity of the mullet went into decline. Those who continued to cut their hair in the spirit of American fishermen were mocked and condemned. So the style fell into oblivion for the next 20 years, occasionally resurfacing as a synonym for the worst hairstyle.

In 2020 in Europe there was a triumphant return – the mullet began to appear on the fashion shows and complement the images of celebrities on the red carpet.

It is interesting that if the fashion of the 80s touched mostly men, in the 21 st century girls succumbed to the trend. The trend became so uncontrollable that the head of North Korea, Kim Jong-un even banned the balllet, calling it “non-socialist.

Well, while the residents of North Korea are deprived of the opportunity to make a fashionable hairstyle, the world’s celebrities enjoy the freedom and cut the mullet. Billy Eilish, Barbie Ferreira, Zendaya and other stars have already tried it on.

Actual styles

The modern haircut mallet allows for different variations. Among the actual styles:

Short mallet. In this case, only 5-10 centimeters of hair are left behind, and temples and the front is shortened to 2-3 cm;

A long mullet. The contrast between the locks is more noticeable here, as the hair length in the back reaches 15, and even 25 centimeters. An example of a long mallet is Miley Cyrus’ hairstyle in 2020;

With shaved temples. Quite extravagant and daring, in the spirit of street subcultures haircut – mallet with shaved temples. Due to the maximum shortened strands on the temples, the contrast with the back of the head turns out more pronounced, making the image in a rebellious rocker style.

“Pot look. This look is paired with a side and front side part and a fuller, thicker back part. The result is a tandem of the classic “pot” and the mullet.

Variety mallet can be different types of bangs. Harmoniously hairstyle looks paired with:

  • Micro-bangs. Micro-bangs are extremely short strands in the forehead, covering it only on the third;
  • Classic or extended bangs;
  • With thick oblique bangs.

Who is suitable for a mullet hairstyle

One of the main advantages of the haircut is its versatility. Mallet is equally good for different types of hair – thin, sparse, thick, naughty. Hairstyle is suitable if you need a haircut without styling – this style requires almost no effort, as the light carelessness only enhances its originality and originality.

As for the shape of the face – the mallet is loyal to any shape, but requires taking into account the peculiarities of the appearance.

For a round face suit the mallet with a voluminous top, which visually elongate the face and bring it closer to the oval. Bangs are acceptable, but only asymmetric or oblique ragged;

Oval face is in harmony with any kind of haircuts and the mallet is no exception. Long and short versions are acceptable, and even shaved temples;

If the face is rectangular or square, try to soften the lines. A mallet with minimal length contrast will help. Look for a style with elongated temples and bangs;

For a triangular face complete with a long mallet and make sure to have a bouffant style to balance the face.

Mallet is great for both curly and straight hair. In the first case, the haircut will help to remove excess volume, but at the same time not to spoil the curls, and in the second – will add volume due to deep filleting of the crown and temples.

How to make a haircut mallet

Firstly, let’s note that cutting a mullet by yourself is not a good idea. The following description of the technique will help you properly explain to your hairdresser what result you want to achieve, and not to make a mallet hairstyle yourself.

As a base for a future mallet, any hairstyle will do except for a very short hedgehog or haircuts like a carriage on a leg, when there are no long strands in the back. On short hair, you can make a short mallet or shave the temples to enhance the contrast, and on long hair – to play with different options.

Technique of execution:

  • Determine which strands at the back of the head will remain lengthened – this is important so you don’t cut off excess when cutting the sides;
  • Separate the temporal and parietal areas – fix each temple, and temporarily move the parietal hair to the crown;
  • First cut the occipital zone with a gradual transition to the crown. The task – to make a cascade with a pronounced transition;
  • The next zone will be the temples – they are cut much shorter than the back of the head;
  • At the end of the haircut topic, and after it – the bangs;
  • In the final stage it is important to profile all the hair, to make the transitions smoother, cascading.

The order and the very essence of the haircut may vary slightly. It all depends on the technique of the master, as well as the selected haircut style – will it be a long or short hairstyle, mullet with or without bangs.