Long hair

On The Way To Create A Unique Look

Beautiful, well-groomed hair makes a lady feel confident and fabulous. It may help her easily create a unique, extraordinary image and look fantastic in any situation. There is a hairdo for every occasion, however if you are willing to look brilliant every single day, then it’s worth thinking on the most suitable and stylish cut to make.

It’s a known fact a hairdo means a lot when it comes to creating a desired look. Nowadays, more and more ladies from across the world give preference to long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair, since such `dos not only add volume to hair roots and let women create a feminine, elegant image, but can be also easily done at home.

Long Shaggy Hairstyles For Thick Hair: A Few Variations

Layered, voluminous hairdos gain in popularity with each passing day, that’s exactly why a great number of ladies give preference to shaggy `dos which let them easily add volume and always look brilliant.


There are plenty of options letting women experiment with their hairdos when they have shaggy cut. Some of the variations are:

  1. Short curly shaggy hairdo will definitely help you create an eye-catching, edgy look. Such `do will not leave anyone indifferent making it possible for you to always feel confident. Curly shaggy `do is a catch for ladies who are willing to add volume to hair roots and waste no time on styling their hair.
  2. Long shaggy cut will make it possible for you to look great no matter what. This impressive layered cut lets you create a well-groomed, neat look, especially when your hair is curled. It is really simple to do such a hairstyle; you just need to use special styling products and curl strands of hair with a curly iron. Nevertheless, long shaggy cut looks excellent even if hair is straightened.
  3. Medium length or long shaggy cut will help you create a retro look. First of all, such cut adds volume to the hair roots; secondly, it lets you experiment with the hairdos and always look different. You may wear a bandana or a rim in order to make your image more extraordinary. Loose hair with accessories will definitely draw attention and make you stand out from the crowd.

Long shaggy cut makes it possible for you to easily experiment with the `dos and look different every single day: you can do a Babetta hairdo, volumized ponytail, romantic braids, unique braided Mohawk and lots of other options and feel confident in any situation.